Not only from wine becomes a fertile land as the Douro. Olive oil is an important source of income for the region, being appreciated not only in Portugal but also internationally. With a unique flavor and health benefits is one of the essential ingredients in regional cuisine.

The extensive olive groves that stretch through the hills and valleys of Douro, rising beyond the vineyards that dominate the terraces, are the source of one of the most precious ingredients in the region integrating most meals made in Douro.

In "olive picking" they use to extend awnings around the trunk of the olive tree, where the fruit will fall. The men climb olive trees and hit with a stick on the branches of trees, exerting enough force to topple the olives. After falling to the awning, the olives are dumped in barrels and are then routed to the “erguedeira” machine that separates the fruit from the leaves. The olives are taken to mills in the region where the oil is produced in the traditional manner. At the end of this process the oil is ready to serve at the table.

To meet the Douro properly, one should thoroughly explore the regional cuisine, which, despite being served in large quantities is extremely healthy due to the use of ingredients such as olive oil. The Rota do Azeite (Olive Route) is one way to facilitate this knowledge, it encompasses twelve counties, from the Douro region, all major oil producers.