250 €               

1125 €

The Seven Books House results from a tribute to the sculpture of the same name by Alberto Carneiro, one of the greatest sculptors of the contemporary national and international art scene, which is located in the existing public garden next to the house. The sculpture "The Seven Books of Life" seeks to celebrate the close connection between art and life. Somehow the house seeks to give expression to this unit.

The house features separate areas designed exclusively for your welfare. With three bedrooms available to the visitor, a fully equipped kitchen, lounge with dining area and living space for watch TV, read a good book and have good conversation with friends. Another room that aims to wine that this region produces the best, where you can taste and enjoy the finest nectars of the Douro, the red or white wines and the famous Port wine.


House - whole house - 1 night

up to 6 adults and 1 child

House - whole house - 5 nights

up to 6 adults and 1 child



3 Bedrooms

- 1 double room with double bed and private bathroom

- 1 double room with double bed and shared bathroom

- 1 double room with two single beds and shared bathroom

Panoramic balcony in rooms

Central heating, air conditioning and fireplace

Fully equipped kitchen

Complete bathroom on the ground floor

Dining Room / Living


Hair dryer

Mobile barbecue for firewood and charcoal